Entrepreneur’s Spirit - BNURD’E girls learn to think like a “BOSS” as they participate in activities that spark curiosity, confidence, and innovation. The Lady Barber—will provide an opportunity to work with young women who desire to enter a male dominated profession.

Tutoring - School is tough. Every session is personalized to the young woman's subject content and questions. Get help understanding math from Algebraic expressions to geometric formulas to derivatives. Brush up on writing, vocabulary enrichment, literature and SBAC Preparation

BNURD'E Advisor – The Professor will review and discuss life skills for young women (in grades 6th -12th) that are interested in attending college. This interactive hands–on seminar will assist the young ladies and parents with questions pertaining to the college entrance process. 

Leadership - Many young women are natural born leaders, but the majority must be taught leadership skills. Encouraging our girls and young women to see things from another’s point of view while developing good communication and listening skills, will enhance and build self-confidence. 

Health and Wellness – Activities that will raise the consciousness on environmental issues as well as health issues, implementation of health education workshops, exercise, yoga, violence prevention and conflict resolution.

The Confident Cook - Cooking promotes language development, cooperation, following directions, the do’s and don’ts of etiquette, and a host of other skills, both social and emotional development.

Dance Therapy - Dance allows one to be more active, through developing creative, physical, and technical skills. The benefits of dancing and exercise can reduce stress, improve relaxation, build stronger bones and muscles, and manage weight control.

STEM - Science + Technology + Engineering + Math
Technology is always expanding. It will constantly keep surprising us with newer concepts and technologies that are currently unknown. BNURD’E girls will embrace STEM curriculum as it prepares them for understanding and tackling all such concepts. Moreover, exposing these 21st Century skills and knowledge will ultimately prepare them for the future.


BNURD’E Weekend Excursion 
BNURDE’s Weekend Excursions “Girls Gone Nerdy” offers girls and young women ages 9 -21 an life enrichment experience focused on character development, building self-esteem, and life-skills.

I Am UNIQUELY Made Luncheon
The “I Am Uniquely Made” Luncheon is a special family and community event celebrating girls and young women as emerging female leaders who have shown commitment and dedicated in their pursuit of finding their inner self and being Different, Bold, and Confident.

#Lunch Bag Feed the Homeless
A community service activity in conjunction with the members of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity and Mentees of the Kappa League. BNURD’E mentees and mentors help to decorate the bags prior to and assemble the lunches on Christmas Eve Day.